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Helping people on their journeys to become occupational therapists

The Council is supporting the very first group of occupational therapy apprentices to complete university degrees, starting a career where they can help people in the local community with daily tasks to become more independent.

Occupational therapy can help people with practical tasks if they:

  • are physically disabled

  • are recovering from an illness or operation

  • have learning disabilities

  • have mental health problems

  • are getting older.

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and can look at all aspects of daily life in the home, school or workplace to help people enjoy life to the full.

While the Council has plenty of successful apprenticeship programmes, this is the first group to take on occupational therapy apprenticeships.

Four Council staff – Emma, Eva, Lisa and Maneerat – recently started their apprenticeships, mixing time at university with gaining valuable experience on the job.

Emma and Lisa already work for the Council and are being supported to develop their careers further, while Eva and Maneerat recently joined the organisation to begin their journey into occupational therapy.

Maneerat said: “I recently moved from Yorkshire to Cheshire and the people have been so kind.

“Everyone is looking outwards and open to change so we can do things to the best of our ability.

“It really helps having four of us on the apprenticeship as I know other people from elsewhere have gone in on their own with little support.”

For more about the range of careers at the Council, visit:

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