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Adult social care

Our social workers ensure our residents are at the heart of what matters. They work closely with local people and their families to support people to live their best lives. With excellent career development, supervision and an emphasis on building on the strengths of local people and local communities, there are fewer more challenging but rewarding jobs as adult social care. You will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of reform and new ways of working, rooted in strong communities. 


We directly deliver a range of quality services to help people recover from crisis, support adults with learning disabilities and provide mental health support.  We are pioneering more joined up care between the Council and the NHS. We have advanced models of integrated care and arrangements in place to work seamlessly for the benefit of those who need this the most. 


We also commission care and support for our residents from a range of other organisations too, working in partnership to make sure we get the best outcomes for all our communities.

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Current vacancies in adult social care

Children and families

Our children’s social workers take a trauma informed approach to practice. Working with some of the most vulnerable families in our communities, they work with passion and confidence to enable children and young people to achieve the best outcomes. We are officially rated as good by Ofsted and this is testament to the commitment of our workforce and of our partners. Our social workers have manageable caseloads, they receive regular quality supervision, and we are committed to positive learning opportunities and reflective practice time.

Our organisation is fully committed to the preventative agenda and we have a well-established and highly skilled workforce who support families by working in partnership with a range of agencies, at the earliest opportunity, to sequence and coordinate services that help families in challenging times. The Locality teams provide access to parenting support, youth services, domestic abuse services and emotional health and wellbeing services.

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Current vacancies in children and families

Communications and customer services

The strength of the Council is underpinned by the relationship we have with our residents. Our communication team helps local people and a range of other audiences be better informed and involved with the work of the Council. We take an industry-leading approach to strategic communication and are committed to developing the team. We are also responsible for securing good customer service for our residents, working closely with Qwest, our Council company, to deliver our customer-facing roles. 


Current vacancies in communications and customer services

Digital transformation

Our ICT and digital teams help the Council to fully utilise technology to deliver better services. We work closely with Cheshire East to share our approach to ICT and also other organisations to drive our digital ambitions. With a variety of technical and strategic roles, we are a great place to develop a career in technology that makes a difference

Current vacancies in digital transformation

Doing things differently

We have a dedicated team that helps the Council constantly innovate to better meet the needs of residents and taxpayers. With roles including business analysts and programme managers, we provide high quality support to make change happen across the organisation. There is a huge variety of change programmes to tackle and there is never a dull moment. Like many other services, we are recognised as leaders in our field.


Current vacancies in doing things differently

Delivering good governance

Our well-regarded governance service ensures the Council acts safely and legally ensuring compliance with the Council's many responsibilities. We offer rewarding career paths in legal, health and safety, internal audit, information governance, customer services and our democratic services teams. We also support our councillors with their decision-making responsibilities and champion local democracy, delivering general, local and town and parish elections.

Current vacancies in delivering good governance

Early careers

As an apprentice, you’ll combine work with study, and gain skills and knowledge in a specific job. If you need additional support on your journey into employment, or may have been longer term unemployed, we’re particularly keen to hear from you.   


We’re also proud to be part of the National Graduate Development Programme – a two-year scheme aimed at graduates looking to develop a career in local government.   


We also offer work experience opportunities for young people aged 14-18 across a wide range of Council services.

Current vacancies in early careers

Education and inclusion

With over 160 schools, our education colleagues are central to ensuring our children and young people have the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead fulfilling lives, whatever their circumstances. We place particular emphasis on genuine inclusion and work across our family of schools to drive the best learning experiences for our children and young people. We work closely with Edsential, a Council-owned company that provides catering, cleaning and a range of education services to schools.

​To find out more about working in our schools see

Current vacancies in education and inclusion

Enabling our colleagues to thrive

Our human resources (HR) and organisational development (OD) team helps our colleagues to be the best they can be. Through effective OD and HR support, we are the forefront of developing our workforce and advancing our organisation. Through strong professional development, we offer a range of exciting and diverse career paths and experiences.

Current vacancies in enabling our colleagues to thrive


Our excellent finance team supports us to meet our financial challenges and deliver value for money. We have a wide variety of roles, from payments through to accountancy, which enable a complex £billion organisation to deliver. We work on day-to-day financial support, as well as working on big change projects and capital developments. Through a structured career route, Cheshire West finance has a brilliant reputation and is a leader in the local government sector.

Current vacancies in finance

Highways and transport

We play a key role in securing effective transport options that allow us to connect our borough. We have a range of exciting and impactful roles from highways engineers who help maintain 2,278km of roads through to transport planners who develop brilliant Active Travel networks, bus routes and connect communities. We work day-to-day to keep the borough moving, and are leading the way in supporting our residents to make transport choices which are more sustainable to help us achieve our Net Zero ambition.

Current vacancies in highways and transport


The Council’s Housing team helps local people to access social housing, as well as supporting first time buyers to access low cost, affordable housing, and Gypsy and Travellers to apply to one of the Council’s permanent sites.


The team focuses on what is best for the individual or family concerned, from people who are threatened with homelessness to refugees and asylum seekers.  They also deliver new, affordable homes, manage two Gypsy and Traveller sites, provide grants and loans to people who need adaptations to their homes due to disabilities, and develop plans to tackle housing needs. Working in this team means you will be helping people to access the most basic but important of needs – a safe, secure, decent and affordable home.

Current vacancies in housing


Improving health and wellbeing

Our public health team works collaboratively to protect the health and wellbeing of our population, as a whole.  Using data insights and information, and working closely with our colleagues in the NHS, they develop solutions and commission services that support the health of the entire borough.  Our efforts were at the forefront of the boroughs response to COVID-19, working locally, regionally and nationally with colleagues to use our expertise to protect our residents.  We work closely with our Community Interest Company, Brio, to deliver a range of local services to improve health and wellbeing too.

Current vacancies in improving health and wellbeing

Insight and intelligence

Our insight and intelligence team uses data and insight from our residents to inform decision-making. With exciting roles in public research, data analysis and data engineering, we are at the forefront of being an organisation that makes their decisions based on evidence and impact.

Current vacancies in insight and intelligence


As a progressive council, we have a strong leadership team to support and drive the organisation to fulfil its ambitions. 

Current vacancies in leadership

Supporting our economy

We support local businesses with advice and guidance and deliver vital services, such as planning to manage development across the borough. We also have a range of large-scale regeneration programmes and housing services. Our commitment is to ensure local people can benefit from, and contribute to, our local economy. We have wide range of professional roles covering these services, from surveyors to planners to project managers.

Current vacancies in supporting our economy

Working in our communities

We will help the Council to deliver its priorities by providing high quality, inclusive, accessible services that will enable our communities to feel safe, protected, engaged and proud of where they live and that contribute to residents’ health and wellbeing. We deliver a range of vital services that all our residents benefit from. Among others, they include street cleansing, environmental services, trading standards, environmental health, births, deaths and marriages, arts and culture, libraries and community safety. We also have a dedicated team to engage with communities and ward members to understand local priorities and define the role our communities play. Our roles are diverse, but united by a desire to work in neighbourhoods and to make the local environment a great place to live, work and visit. We work closely with Cheshire West Recycling, a Council-owned company providing waste and recycling services to residents of the borough.

Current vacancies in working in our communities

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